Marianna’s Polish Potato Salad

A bag of home grown spuds from my Dad has inspired me to revisit this recipe.  Plus, with Christmas just around the corner the more recipes that can be made in advance the better!

I was shown how to make this potato salad about 15 years ago by a great Polish cook called Marianna and it remains a favourite recipe today.

Potato salad 6

Especially good when made the day before, it packs a much bigger flavour punch than your average spud salad (it’s really a vegetable salad) and is great for summer and winter alike.

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7 average sized potatoes (desiree are the best for this recipe but I’ve used Coliban as that’s what my Dad gave me)

6 carrots

1 leek (just use the white)

5 pickled dill cucumbers (seek out Krakus brand)

6 hardboiled eggs

1 can of peas or approx 400g fresh peas cooked

1-1.5 cup of mayonnaise (Marianna always uses Thomy brand egg mayo)

Salt and Pepper


Cook your potatoes and carrots together, but DON’T peel or cut them into pieces!  They should be ready at the same time – check using a skewer through the largest carrot.  I noticed my colibans started to disintegrate which make sense as they’re a fluffier spud that the waxy desiree.

Potato salad 1

Put your eggs onto boil – for newbies the trick to cooking good eggs is to get them out of fridge and up to room temperature.  Place into a saucepan of COLD water and gently bring to a simmer.  Once simmering cook for a further 8 minutes.  Cool down and peel.

While all this cooking is going on dice the leek finely and sprinkle with a good pinch of salt.

Potato salad 2

Peel the dill pickles and dice those finely too.

Cook your fresh home grown peas (or drain your tinned peas…shhh) and pop these into a mixing bowl with leek and pickles.

Potato salad 3

Drain and cool your potatoes and carrots.  When cool enough to handle, peel and dice and pop into a big mixing bowl.  Dice your eggs and add them to potatoes and carrots.

Potato salad 4

Add 20 good grinds from a pepper grinder and a really generous pinch or three of your best salt.

Combine all ingredients and mix until evenly distributed.

Add the mayo (I used around 380g of a 470g jar of Thomy)

Potato salad 5

I haven’t changed the recipe at all to date, but would love to add some fresh dill (none growing just now) and use my own pickles next time.

Potato salad 7