About Backyard Harvest

Whether you’ve been growing food in your backyard your whole life, or just getting started, then Backyard Harvest is here to help, encourage and inspire.  

There’s something about growing our own food that makes so much sense.  You can produce your own great tasting food at a fraction of the cost of buying it and most importantly you know exactly what has (and hasn’t) gone into it.    

Backyard Harvest uses locally sourced sustainable materials to help make gardening as efficient as possible and we’re big fans of raised garden beds.   We figure, the less time you spend bending your back, the more time you’ll spend enjoying your harvest. 


We also source specialty compost designed to get life back into your soil and offer a full service installation of our products. 

Even our company vehicle is..well different!


Backyard Harvest evolved out of a fantastic Surf Coast Energy Group project called GROW IT! where over 100 people on Geelong’s Surf Coast discovered the fun of learning to grow their own veggies at home. 

Welcome. May your backyard be a productive one,

Andrew Lucas.